If you are interested in coming to work with us and our horses in the Megalong Valley, we'd love to hear from you! We offer a number of different jobs on the farm at different levels and to meet your circumstances. All involved the Icelandic Horses but also include general farm work as well. Accommodation is available on the farm in the staff houses. Under some circumstances we can take couples and help you qualify for 2 year visa. 

Job 1. Farm and Live stock hand. Paid work under the ward, Accommodation in shared room in nice house. Must have good riding skills and be keen to participate if all farm activities. Minimum stay one month

Job 2. Lead Icelandic Horse hand. Paid work under supervision, working with young horses and braking, looking after the digital media for the farm and eco tourism on the farm, keeping all horse records etc over seeing other staff. Horse riding lessons. Minimum stay 6 months. Pay by agreement. Accommodation your own room with bathroom. 

Job 3.  Casual work experience. Work on an Aussie farm, help with riding the horses, and feeding cattle , mending fences etc etc. in return for accommodation and food. Accommodation in shared room in nice house.