Our Horses

At present our herd numbers 49 – two stallions stallion, eight broodmares, 11 riding horses, 20 youngsters and nine foals this year. Our high quality stallion and seven broodmares have been imported from Iceland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Four of the imported broodmares where pregnant from overseas stallions when they arrived in Australia, which gave us four promising foals for the future. At the moment we are focused on growing our herd and training our horses and when the time is right, we will offer them for sale as fully trained horses that we hope families will enjoy as much as we do.

We have decided to only sell fully trained horses, because many riders aren't used to the extra gaits yet and it takes specific gait training to confirm the tölt. It is also important to make sure that the young horse can show each gait independently without mixing for example tölt and trot with each other. Each horse that leaves our farm will be trained in groundwork, classical dressage, gaits, trail riding with and without other horses and will be easy to load on the float.

Except for some basic halter training as a foal our horses won’t be trained until they are around 3,5 to 4 years old. Our horses grow up in a herd, where they learn how to communicate in a respectful manner with the other (older) horses. This benefits the training of young horses as they’ve already learned a lot from growing up in the herd.

At this moment we have eight youngsters in training. From this group we will keep some horses for the horse riding lessons. This means that we can only offer a limited number of horses for sale. We expect to have some fully trained horses available for sale in the beginning of 2018.