At present we have three stunning stallions that cover our mares.

Hagen is our imported stallion from Iceland. When we imported our breeding mare Dökk frá Hryggstekk from Iceland she was covered by the famous stallion Organisti frá Horni I. Magnús from Megalong Icelandic Horses was born out of this promising combination. Plútó has an Icelandic sire and came in the belly of his dam Mörk to Australia. 

Please get in touch with us if you're interesting in a covering of one of our stallions.
Plútó from Megalong Icelandic Horses

Plútó from Megalong Icelandic Horses DOB: 10.08.2019FEIF ID: AU2019102008Colour: Bay roan with a star Sire: Grámann frá Hofi á HöfðaströndDam: Mörk frá Hofi á HöfðaströndBLUP: 103 Pluto is our promising future stallion. In the second photo Plútó is standing on the right side, next to our...

Magnús from Megalong Icelandic Horses

Magnús from Megalong Icelandic Horses DOB: 28/06/2015FEIF ID: AU2015102002Colour: Blue dun (mouse dun) with a star Sire: Organisti frá Horni IDam: Dökk frá Hryggstekk BLUP score: 116 Magnús is a very talented stallion with incredible movements. In the photo Magnús...

Hagen frá Reyðarfirði

Hagen frá Reyðarfirði DOB: 15/06/2008FEIF ID: IS2008176429Colour: Dark bay no white markings BLUP score: 114 Hagen is a big and handsome 5-gaited stallion with high scores for all gaits. Hagen is an impressive strong guy, yet a gentleman to the...